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Theatre Craft

Theatre Craft is a wonderful syllabus which is proving to be a great success in the school.

It encompasses the wide spectrum of productions that are in musical theatre.

Shows such as Grease and The Lion King are diverse styles but all embraced by the Theatre Craft title.

It is a syllabus created for theatrical performance. It prepares the body physically through exercise and stimulating artistic ability through dance movement and the interpretation of music.

Through the higher grades students are encouraged to characterise their dance transforming their style from Spanish to Lyrical and from Bollywood to Charleston.

Children begin learning Theatre Craft steps from 3 years of age.


Graded Examinations:
7 Grades – Preparatory to Grade 5
Intermediate Performer
Advanced 1 Performer
Advanced 2 Performer

8 Solo Tests – Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
8 Duo Tests – Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
8 Trio Tests – Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
18 Team Tests – One Dance to International
Supreme Certificate

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