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Biennial Theatrical Productions
All members of the school take part in four performances at a local theatre.
New routines are learnt, costume fittings commence and the excitement begins.

Showtime brings the members of the school together, working as a team and having fun. All members of Alexanders take part in the production as every pupil is important and has their part to play.

The entire Theatre School will receive a Show Information Booklet in The Autumn Term prior to show work commencing in November.

Alexanders productions are always created with a THEATRICAL approach.
All genres are brought together to entertain the audience as the story line unfolds.


The ANTICIPATION of waiting in the wings before stepping onto the stage in front of a live audience is all part of the performing experience and building confidence.


TEAMWORK develops trust, friendships and results and is encouraged at all times

ENJOYMENT on and off stage is key to a successful show. Alexanders nurtures friendships and promotes teamwork throughout the school.


HAVING FUN with your friends is what creates the wonderful atmosphere at show time. Backstage chaos and on stage laughter creates life long memories.


Alexanders is one big family. We encourage DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS to work together and help each other.

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