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Contemporary Modern Jazz

The IDTA brought in a new CONTEMPORARY MODERN JAZZ syllabus in 2020.

It is a more advance syllabus compared with the previous one as it covers more elements of Contemporary Modern Jazz.

The New Contemporary Modern Jazz Syllabus:

  • Explores Jazz in a much broader way.

  • Introduction of Contemporary which is a freer form of dance mixing well with the disciplines of the classical elements of Ballet.

  • Introduction of Jazz exploring the rhythms/techniques influenced from the 20th Century black Americans in the Jazz Clubs mixed with the Modern, Ballet elements in a more natural, fluid upbeat way.

The syllabus work appears more challenging because the content of steps within each exercise is more. For the students there is more variety within each grade a lot more content, which makes the exam work very enjoyable and ultimately leads to a more advanced dancer.

Due to the complexity of the work we have been advised to commence the Preparatory Grade with students Year 4 upwards. Students at Alexanders start to explore elements of Contemporary Modern Jazz from Year 3.


7 Grades – Preparatory to Grade 5
Intermediate Performer
Advanced 1 Performer
Advanced 2 Performer


8 Solo Tests – Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
8 Duo Tests – Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
8 Trio Tests – Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
18 Team Tests – One Dance to International Supreme Certificate

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