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Disneyland Paris 



We are very excited to be taking a troupe to Disneyland Paris in August 2024.

Students will take part in a one week workshop followed by travelling to Paris on the Friday ready to perform on Sunday 4th August 2024. 



31 performers and their families and friends all travelled to France for a 20 minute showcase in the Videopolis Theatre Disneyland.
As no stage rehearsal was permitted, our own pre-show rehearsal instigated by the students took place in
Marne-La-Vallee-Chessy-Disneyland train station! In 38 degrees the girls performed The Flintstones in true style to a packed auditorium.
The troupe were complimented by the Disney staff who were so impressed with their professionalism, enthusiasm and energy on stage keeping the audience engaged.

After their performance the students and their families enjoyed the rides and amusements together. A memorable trip for everyone.

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