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Alexander's School of Dance & Theatre Terms & Conditions

Effective from the 1st September 2009

*These Terms & Conditions are subject to change*
Any such changes will be notified to all pupils of Alexander's School of Dance & Theatre.

Fees are payable monthly or per term and are non-refundable.
Fees must be either put in named envelope and posted in the schools fee post box or paid online on the first day of the new term. There will be no refunds for sickness or holidays. Fee notification will be at the end of each term for the following term. Fees must be paid by notified payment date.

If you are a new member and start in the middle of a term your fees will be adjusted and you will be invoiced accordingly.

Any late payments will be dealt with depending on the situation. A long outstanding payment could result in the child being withdrawn from the school until payment is made.

At times it is necessary to touch pupils to correct their positioning when focusing on technique.

Alexander's School of Dance and Theatre terms do run in conjunction with local schools' term dates.

The classes involving examination work will incur examination fees for the exam being taken. Separate payments for these exams will be notified in advance and monies due will vary according to the type and number of examinations being taken. These examination fees must be paid in full on a specified date prior to the examination session to confirm the pupil's admittance to the examinations.

A parent/guardian will be provided with the Registration Form on signing up the student.
It is a parents responsibility to inform us in writing if any details on the form change.

In the event your child is unable to attend, please inform the school. If you decide to withdraw your child from the school the school must be informed. If this falls during the middle of a Production year or examination session additional monies paid will not be refunded.

If your child becomes ill whilst in our care, the parent will be notified.

If an accident occurs whilst your child is in our care, the parent will be notified and it will be entered in the Accident Book.

The school has a commendable reputation regarding the behaviour of our students. If a child behaves inappropriately this will be discussed with the child and will be mentioned to the parent. If the bad behaviour continues this child may be asked to leave the school.

Correct uniform and footwear must be worn at all classes. Pupils wearing non-uniform or incorrect garments will be asked to remove them until after the class. Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled with the pupil's name. There is a lost property box in reception where all unnamed items will be kept for 3 months. If not claimed, items will be put with the second hand items for sale to parents.

Hair must be tied back at all times, classical buns for ballet classes. Short hair neat with black lycra headband, no fashionable hair accessories to be worn, black/brown hair bands. No jewellery to be worn except stud earrings if necessary.

To ensure the below procedures work all I ask of parents is to be prompt with their arrival and collection times, and prompt when signing their child in/out to save congestion in the reception and car park area.

Signing in/out for pre-school and reception children:
Parents to park in the car park walk child/children to the entrance of the premises, go to reception and sign child/children in.
Parents with children dancing for ¾ of an hour or one hour lessons are also welcome to stay in the reception area and wait.
Once the class has finished your child will be brought to the reception area by one of the teachers, the person who is collecting must then sign that child out at reception and leave prompt.

Signing in/out year 1 and above:
Parents to park in the car park walk child/children to the entrance of the premises, go to reception and sign in their child/children then leave prompt.
At collection time park come to the reception area where your child/children will be brought to you.

Please sign child/children out and leave promptly.

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