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Sadlers Wells Theatre - London


After months of rehearsals a troupe of 8 to 17 year olds performed at Sadlers Wells Theatre in London’s West End on Sunday 14th April 2024 alongside 9 other dance schools.

The students had a fantastic day travelling up on a coach, practicing the finale alongside the other schools and going live performing their two 5 minute routines of James Bond (Hip-Hop) and Cheer! to an audience of 1,500 people.

To say the girls smashed it would be an understatement. With lifts, stunts and no rehearsal on the stage the students performed like professionals.

Well done to everyone involved!


Sadlers Wells Theatre - London


On Saturday 26th May 2016 a troupe of Alexanders students were given the chance to perform on the renowned Sadlers Wells stage.

The students performed two 5 minute routines including a Tap number to 'The Blues Brothers' and a Ballet & Modern Jazz combination to 'Music' (pictured).

All of the students involved were very professional and made themselves and the school proud with the high standard.


Sadlers Wells Theatre - London


After being offered a cancellation slot a troupe of 36 girls age 11yrs+ performed “The Can Can” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the prestigious Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London. The troupe worked hard and tirelessly after a 6 week busy rehearsal schedule to perfect their routines and this was put to the test. There was a technical fault with their Can Can music, jumping not only forwards but backwards on three separate occasions. Their professionalism showed through as the audience were aware but the troupe did not falter and carried on in true form. The theatre staff was so impressed the girls got to perform the routine once again, second time with no musical faults. Bohemian Rhapsody was in a league of its own, telling the story of a court case, leaving the theatre audience silent for one moment before erupting into a tremendous applause.
A night nobody will ever forget.

Sadlers Wells Theatre - London


A large group of students performed 'The Can-Can' and 'Music' by John Miles. They had an amazing time performing alongside other dance schools and were introduced by the guest host West End's Billy Elliot. 

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