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Meet the Team

"All of the teachers are experts in the field of teaching and understanding children's needs, ways of learning and developing their skills. I am very fortunate to have a lot of teachers who were once students and have trained through the school from a young age. They have studied all of the theatre subjects from Preparatory-Intermediate enabling them to teach all of the subjects offered by the school. I am proud of all of my teachers, they are an asset to the school."

Nicky Alexander 


Principal (LIDTA, UKAPTD)

Nicky Alexander

I started dancing like lots of other 3 year olds and attended lessons in Ballet and Tap. I loved my dancing and so started more lessons Modern Jazz, National, Gymnastic dance and Song and Dance where I took part in many productions and competed in all local festivals.

Through all my years of dancing I found out early my passion was in the technique and choreography and, from a young age, started to help teaching. Although I was trained with UTD, when I set up the school, I decided to get my professional qualifications with the IDTA.

My passion for technique and high standards had led me to gain teachers qualifications in all the styles I teach. Knowing I have gained my knowledge through achievement ensures I am a much better teacher – and my students benefit from that knowledge.
My teachers share this commitment as they continue to train as well as teach in order to achieve further qualifications to better themselves.

Teaching Qualifications:IDTA Licentiate – Theatre CraftIDTA Licentiate – FreestyleIDTA Associate – TapIDTA Associate – BalletIDTA Associate – Modern JazzAcrobatic Arts – Level 1UKAPTD AssociateGPTD Member


Qualified Teacher (AIDTA)

Natalie Smith

“I started dancing at Alexanders at the age of 3, following in my cousin’s footsteps, and through my family I acquired another family in everyone at Alexanders.
My class pulled me in with open arms from the start and even though I was one of the quietest students they made sure I was still involved in every part of dancing life.

I started Student Teaching on Saturdays at the age of 17 whilst still studying my higher grades in dance. During this time, I was also studying General Art and Design at College and found an interest in costume and set design.

After completing my college course, I started teaching full time at Alexanders. The technical side of dance has always been of interest to me rather than performing, hence I commenced training to gain my professional teaching qualifications in all genres. I have now achieved my Level 4 Diploma in Ballet & Modern Jazz and Associate Freestyle. I am currently training for my Theatre Craft. Expanding my knowledge, I feel makes me a better teacher being as I have chosen teaching dance as a full-time career.

Teaching for me is a passion and I feel very fortunate that I come to work every day and I really enjoy what I do.”

Teaching Qualifications:
IDTA Level 4 Diploma – Ballet
IDTA Level 4 Diploma – Modern Jazz
IDTA Associate – Freestyle


Qualified Teacher (FIDTA)

Michelle Warren

Michelle started her dancing career training as a teacher at the Yvonne Shirley School of Dancing, whilst also attending a full time performing arts college course.
She also taught dance for a season at Camp America in 1989.

Michelle has been teaching for over 25 years and has achieved a degree as a Fellow member of the I.D.T.A. for both Ballet and Tap.
Her training is ongoing and she is aiming to complete her Fellowships in other disciplines with the I.D.T.A.

Michelle has many years experience of putting on theatre productions and training students working towards examinations.
Most of all, Michelle ‘loves teaching dance’ and helping students to achieve their highest potential.


Teaching Qualifications:
IDTA Fellowship – Ballet
IDTA Fellowship – Tap
IDTA Licentiate – Modern Jazz
IDTA Licentiate – Theatre Craft


Student Teacher

Anna Moore 

"I have been a part of the Alexanders family since the age of 4 and it has always been a big part of who I am.

I discovered that I enjoyed teaching and being creative with choreography while working at the school on Saturdays during sixth form.

During university, I found I loved coaching and being a part of the hip-hop and cheerleading teams. 

I am so pleased to be back at Alexanders training for my IDTA teacher qualifications in Tap and Contemporary Modern Jazz and to be introducing new cheer and hip-hop classes to the school.

From growing up at the school to now teaching there full time, I am looking forward to developing my skills as a teacher and the opportunities that I can bring to the school."

Teaching Qualifications:

Level 3 Diploma - Contemporary Modern Jazz

PXL_20210928_113619903 (4).jpg

Qualified Teacher (AIDTA)

Grace Duke

"I first started dancing at Alexander’s at the age of 2 1/2 and have loved dancing ever since! I began helping on Saturday mornings and enjoyed working with the teachers I had known for so many years. I am currently studying Classics at King’s College London, hoping to eventually work in Law. However, dance will always be a part of my life and so I decided to also begin studying for my IDTA qualifications in Tap, as this is my favourite style. I now teach all ages and thoroughly enjoy the break from my studies that dancing offers. I love being a part of the Alexander’s family and cannot imagine my life without it."

Teaching Qualifications:
Level 4 Diploma - Tap 

Holly Website.jpg

Student Teacher

Holly Bastin

"Like most I started dancing at Alexanders when I was 2 years old. Alexanders for me wasn’t only a place where I developed my passion for dance and theatre but also where I made lifelong friends who I have known for over 20 years. 

I have always enjoyed every style taught at Alexanders, but during my adolescent years I focused my energy on Tap and Theatre Craft achieving my Intermediate level before leaving for university to start my career. 

After studying for 3 years at Southampton, where I also competed in dance competitions around the country, I am now a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse (BSc (Hons) Nursing RN - Child Branch).
The intensity and stress within my job is eased by the joy and freedom of dance. Teaching at Alexander’s is my job but also my hobby.
I am very lucky to be able to pass on the knowledge and passion I have acquired throughout my time at this school. 

I am currently working towards my teaching qualifications in Theatre Craft and in the future Tap. I look forward to further developing my knowledge and skill for years of teaching to come." 


Qualified Teacher (AIDTA)
BA (Hons) Primary Education

Nicola Kell (Little Nicky)

“I have been dancing at Alexanders since the age of 2 1/2 and it has since become my extended family! I started helping on a Saturday morning at the age of 12 and this is where my passion for teaching came from. I went on to study Primary Education at Canterbury and still came back every weekend to teach dancing and take my own teaching exams.

I have enjoyed watching the girls grow from tiny dots into mature young ladies who share the same passion I do.

I also work at Widford Lodge Prep school as a Class Teacher and Head of Sport.
Teaching at Alexanders isn’t just a job for me, it is a hobby! I love being part of this fabulous family!”

Teaching Qualifications:
IDTA Associate – Freestyle
BA (Hons) Primary Education


Student Teacher

Grace Duffy

'Duffy' joined Alexanders at the age of 8 years.She studied in all the theatre subjects including Musical Theatre and found her voice when working towards a mini Musical Theatre Production, developing her passion for performing. Duffy started teaching at Alexanders and enjoyed interacting with the students.She then auditioned in Summer 2020 and gained a place at Urdang Academy on a 3 year degree course in Musical Theatre.Duffy continues to teach Musical Theatre at Alexanders alongside her degree course commuting back to teach each week. 

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