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This syllabus was last updated 2016. The IDTA now offer the most fantastic Tap syllabus, the music is modern, upbeat and fun - making the exercises interesting with great rhythmic interpretation.

The students learn to clap and dance rhythms from the beginning, understanding the relation of note values and steps. The arm lines are jazzy, all work is now learnt through routines everything is put into a small combination of steps which provides a much higher standard and more challenging as students progress through the grades, this new concept is liked by all the students training in tap.

Children begin learning Tap at 2 years of age.


Graded Examinations:
7 Grades - Preparatory to Grade 5
Intermediate Performer
Advanced 1 Performer
Advanced 2 Performer

8 Solo Tests - Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
8 Duo Tests - Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
8 Trio Tests - Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
18 Team Tests - One Dance to International Supreme Certificate

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