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About Us

Alexander's was established in March 1992. We are a friendly, informal dance school, we nurture, we praise and encourage every student and to see them grow in confidence and create FRIENDSHIPS is something quite special and rewarding.
Everyone knows everyone at Alexanders when pupils join our school they join our family and it is only University or Employment that takes them away.

All students who join Alexanders learn to dance, perform and maximise their potential making friendships along the way. If a child is happy a child will learn and progress.
Pupils at Alexanders remain with their peer group as they progress through the school.
Alexanders advocates self development and not competition. After 25 years this concept has worked not only has the school grown from strength to strength but boasts a fantastic upper school with 40+ senior pupils age 16 years and above who still attend classes regularly. These students have made life long friendships as they have grown up together taking their Alexanders journey.


Every child is welcome at Alexander's. Every child will learn and achieve;
We believe that if you learn in a FUN, HAPPY AND ENJOYABLE environment you can never fail.

All children are given fair opportunities and there is something for everyone.

All children are made to feel special and welcome.

Alexander's pupils are tutored in an environment where they understand the need for discipline, the benefit of team work and develop self-belief & self-confidence.

We set our sights high and aim to achieve all our goals.

D ..... Development
A ..... Aim high
N ..... Nurture
C ..... Confidence building
E ..... Equal opportunities

History of the School

Alexander's was established in March 1992 and for the first 9 years was based in Stondon Massey Village Hall near Brentwood.
In 2002 the school moved to the LA Fitness Dance Studios, where pupils were able to learn to dance in mirrored studios for the first time.
The school has now outgrown even these facilities and we now have our own dedicated premises based at Stubbers Farm, Mountnessing Road, Blackmore.

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