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Musical Theatre

Become a TRIPLE THREAT and learn the essential elements of the Musical Theatre craft!
Learn to dance with emotion, to blend acting, dancing and singing to develop your performances.
Play characters from your favourite musicals. EXPLORE different worlds, channel various emotions and prepare for a potential career/hobby in Musical Theatre!
Seize the opportunity to develop your skills fully and be part of a fun, exciting Musical Theatre group!

Be a PERFORMER, learn to sing, dance and act with our very enthusiastic Musical Theatre team.
Learn about current and past musicals with school theatre trips to embrace the world of theatre.

We offer a FREE trial session if Musical Theatre is an avenue you would like to explore.


Musical Theatre was introduced to the school in September 2015.
It has grown from strength to strength and is becoming a firm favourite at the school.


Infant (Reception – Year 2)

Junior 1(Year 3 – Year 4)


Junior 2 (Year 5 – Year 6)

Senior (Year 7 - Year 8)

Our Musical Theatre students are involved in our Biennial Production and take IDTA Examinations in our Musical Theatre syllabus.

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