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Important Information 
Saturday Uniform
  • Black Lycra 'Joey' Leotard
  • Black Lycra Circle Skirt 
  • Pink Ballet Socks 
  • Pink Ballet Shoes
  • Black Tap Shoes 
  • Alexanders Red Sweatshirt
  • Hair tied up neatly
(Please see below for Exam Uniform)

Examination Uniform
All uniform is sold at Alexanders Studios Reception (please see prices below)

  • Alexanders Red Jumper 
  • Alexanders Bag (optional)
  • Lycra 'Joey' Leotard - Black 

  • Lycra Circle Skirt - Black 

  • Pink Ballet Socks

  • ‘Ballet’ Pink Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes

  • Lycra ‘Joey’ Leotard – Black

  • White Ankle Socks (exam only)

  • Lycra Circle Skirt - Black 

  • Black Leather Tap Shoes

Black PU Leather
Tap Shoe

Tap Shoes Lower School.jpg

'Ballet' Pink Full Sole

Ballet Shoe

Pink Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes.jpg

Black Lycra
'Joey' Leotard

Joey Leotard.jpg

Black Lycra
Circle Skirt

Black Circle Skirt.jpg

Red 'Alexanders'


Alexanders Red Jumper White.jpg

Ballet Socks

Pink Ballet Socks.jpg

Black 'Alexanders'


Alexanders Barrel Bag White.jpg


black box.jpg


black box.jpg
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