Alexander's Productions have a very theatrical approach and are on such a huge scale they are put on bi-annually. Our venue is The Towngate Theatre, Basildon, where the school puts on 4 performances. Leading up to Showtime pupils will visit the Theatre for a stage rehearsal. During the week leading to “Curtain Up” stage, dress and technical rehearsals commence. This busy schedule takes place the first week of the School Summer holidays so the excitement builds as school finishes Showtime begins.

I cannot emphasise enough the enjoyment a show brings to all members. In the months prior to the show there is a change in atmosphere as we get nearer and nearer to our show date; the anticipation, excitement and complete chaos which we all seem to thrive on. New routines, music, costume fittings and group rehearsals all add to the buzz, and it is only this that enables us as a school to achieve the high calibre of an Alexander's production.
The entire Theatre School will receive a Show Information Booklet in The Autumn Term
prior to show work commencing November. The booklet contains all the costs
involved up front, so there are no hidden costs along the way that parents are not aware of.


- Registration fee which goes towards licensing.

- Theatre rehearsal fees. The school rehearse at the theatre 6 times prior to performing. (These rehearsals are stage, dress, and technical.)

- Costume fees.