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Piqué & Soutenu

Important Information 
Saturday Uniform 
  • Black 'Angela' Leotard
  • Alexanders T-Shirt
  • Alexanders Hoodie
  • Plain Black Leggings/Plain Black Shorts (Summer Term)
  • Black Ankle Socks
  • Black Tap Shoes (Tap)
  • Black Jazz Shoes (Freestyle/Theatre Craft)
  • Hair tied up neatly
Monday Uniform 
  • Black Ballet Leotard
  • Plain Black Leggings/Convertible Tights (Modern)
  • Pink Ballet Tights (Ballet)
  • Pink Ballet Shoes (Ballet)
  • Hair in bun 
(Please see below for Exam Uniform)
Piqué & Soutenu 
Examinations 2024
All examinations are optional. Would you like your child to be entered for an external IDTA examination at the Alexander's studios?
Examination sessions are scheduled according to tuition time required. Irregular attendance to class may result in your child being withdrawn from the examination.
Under the teacher's discretion, a Classwork Assessment Examination may be advised as an alternative to a Graded Examination.
IDTA examination fees must be paid 6 weeks prior to an examination session. Failure to pay your fees on time could result in your child being withdrawn from the session. These fees are non-refundable.
Students will be entered into examinations in set groups. If you do not give sufficient notification of absence to an examination, this will have a detrimental affect on the other students in the group.
Students are required to arrive to an examination in correct uniform (set by the IDTA). This is available at the studio reception. Hair must also be correctly styled prior to arrival.
Students are required to arrive at an examination 30 minutes prior to their exam time with one parent/guardian.
Please tick below the examination sessions your child WILL be able to attend (if your child does not study a style, please leave the box blank). Please note, we may not be able to offer an alternative examination date:
Provisions for candidates with special needs/requirements - Reasonable adjustments and special considerations can only be requested from the IDTA with sufficient notice. Please let us know if your child requires this (medical evidence will be required):

Thank you for submitting your form

Examination Uniform
All uniform is sold at Alexanders Studios Reception (see below for prices)

GENERAL (not for examination)
  • Alexanders Zip-Hoodie (or)
  • Alexanders Hoodie
  • Alexanders T-Shirt
  • Lycra Ruched ‘Angela’ Leotard – Black

  • Light Suntan Convertible Tights

  • Black Leather Jazz Shoes

  • Black 'Highsteppers' Character Shoes

BALLET - Grade Five
  • Black Ballet Leotard

  • Pink Ballet Tights

  • ‘Ballet’ Pink Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoes

TAP - Grade Five
  • Lycra Ruched ‘Angela’ Leotard – Black

  • Black Ankle Socks

  • Plain Black Leggings

  • Black Leather Tap Shoes

  • Black Ballet Leotard

  • Black Convertible Tights

  • Bare Feet

  • Lycra Ruched ‘Angela’ Leotard – Black

  • Plain Black Leggings

  • Black 'Alexanders' T-Shirt

  • Black Ankle Socks 

  • Black Jazz Shoes 

Black 'Jazz' Tap Shoe Low Heel

Tap Shoes.jpg

Pink Split Sole

Ballet Shoe

Pink Split Sole Leather Ballet Shoes.jpg

Black Leather
Split Sole Jazz Shoes

Black Split Sole Jazz Shoes.jpg

Black 'Angela'


Angela Leotard.jpg

Black Ballet


Ballet Leotard.jpg

Black 'Highstepper'

Character Shoes (1.5")


Plain Black


Plain Black Leggings Adults.jpg

Pink Convertible

Ballet Tights

Ballet Tights Convertible.png

Black Convertible


Convertible Black Tights.jpg

Black 'Alexanders'


Alexanders Hoodie White.jpg

Black 'Alexanders'

Zip Hoodie

Alexanders Zip Hoodie White.jpg

Black 'Alexanders'



Foot Undeez



Black 'Alexanders'

Alexanders Barrel Bag White.jpg


black box.jpg
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