• "Last night I was privileged to watch the most amazing professional amateur production at the Towngate Theatre. The Alexanders School of Dance and Theatre presented the 'The Show of All Shows. The cast, including my Granddaughter Ruby Trencher were magnificent, the planning, choreography, costumes and organisation must have been immense, but for 3 hours I thought I was in the West End. When Ruby skated around the stage in their adaptation of Starlight Express, my heart was in my mouth, but she smiled at the audience and didn't put a 'skate' wrong. Well done to all involved. X"
  • "Amazing show - thank you so much Alexander's - Freya absolutely loved being part of it all, thank you! All sad in this house that it's now all over. xx" - Michelle Ives
  • "Blown away by how amazing the show was! We have loved every minute of it! Favourite bit was Lion King really emotional! Loved the tap in 42nd street & the colours of Aladdin! But my absolute highlight was seeing my girl beaming on her roller skates" - Emma Trencher
  • " Absolutely fantastic show! You have made so many girls and their family's proud. We loved every minute. So so sad it's over. Thank you to Nicky and all of the lovely teachers that helped Bluebelle have such a wonderful time. Enjoy a well deserved rest and we look forward to seeing you all in September. xxxx" - Laura Barlow
  • "Great show, lion king was my favourite!" - Catherine Bouchez Hooton
  • "Fantastic show. Xx" - Denise Walker
  • "Lauren's favorite was 42nd street, mine was Lion king, Ellis was We will Rock you, My friend Dawn was Lion king, Lewis was Matilda ..... so many to chose from..... loved every minute of it. Every one of your girls were polite, kind and a credit to all of you xxxx" - Audrey Walker
  • "Stunning performances by everyone. Loved it all but Lion King was off the scale! Thank you to everyone that helped Louisa & Grace have the best experience. Sad it's all over here's to the next show #2K19 xxx" - Louise Allen
  • "What a week Amazing show both Kristy and Ella loved it sad its over now thank you to all the teachers at Alexanders. Loved it all, but did really love the leaning on a lamp post the little ones were so cute xx" - Sarah Bearman
  • "Such an amazing show. Well done to the girls & boys, you were all brilliant! A special thank you to Nicky, Cathy and all the team for all their hard work in putting it together. The costumes were also wonderful. So hard to pick a favourite but I did love The Lion King! Xx" - Carrie Reed
  • "The boys had a really brilliant time, thankyou so much for making it work so well with them. And Charlotte, after 8 years of waiting to be in a show rather than on holiday, predictably loved it. Big thank you to all the teachers and hope you all enjoy happy holidays. X" - Rachel Rebel
  • "I had heard nothing but brilliant reports about the Alexander's shows ..... but honestly, I was blown away by the amazing, talented, creative show....simply breath taking. Well done to each end every one of you" - Kerrie Hipgrave
  • "Sensational. Thank you so much to the teachers and students for all your hard work. We loved EVERY MINUTE of EVERY 4 shows !!! Now for a well deserved break. We all have different favourites: Pauls - Les Mis, Emmie`s - Matilda and mine Billy Elliot ! Emmie is feeling very sad that it`s all over ! Roll on 2019 " - Mandy Anthony
  • " Fantastic show. Loved it all. Thank you to Nicky and all the wonderful dance teachers and helpers xxx" - Amber Tait
  • "Such a great show and thank you to all the helpers, chaperones and all the Alexanders staff. You did good" - Clare Whitehill
  • "Just amazing I loved every minute of all of it and can't wait for the next one x" - Kim Johnson
  • "Show was amazing but Lion King was mine and my family's fav. x" - Kerry Smith
  • "Excellent show all very proud of the work you and everyone put in. Favourites were lion king and billy elliot" - Phil Chambers
  • "Loved the show..... it was amazing but the Lion king was superb and so was Billy Elliot x" - Liz Caplan
  • "Amazing!!!!! All of it!!! But lion king was brilliant x" - Tracy Watling


  • "Was awesome, well done to all the girls and teachers." - Louise Allen
  • "What an amazing night! Alexanders you made us so proud!! We were cheering for you all." - Jane Dowsett
  • "Amazing! Well done girls and teachers - was soooooo proud of you all!" - Emma Donovan
  • "With clapping hands and tears in eyes... Alexanders continues to make us mums proud. Thank you xx" - Joanne Thompson
  • "Well done everyone brilliant dancing wowzza" - Joanne Bedford
  • "Brilliant, well done!!!" - Kathryn Mayhew
  • "Absolutely brilliant." - Sarah Duke
  • "WOW!" - Judith Sibthorpe
  • "Fantastic as always." - Penny Marshall
  • "Brilliant!!" - Joanne Renwick


  • 'I just wanted to thank you so much for letting Bluebelle have her party at your studios. I can not begin to tell you how much she enjoyed it. In fact we all did. Everyone was saying it was the best party that they had been to. Both Natalie and Sophia were absolutely fantastic, you should be so proud of them both. I can honestly say that Bluebelle is her happiest when she is dancing and your girls truly made her day (and mine, you know I'm loving every minute!). Thank you so much once again.' - Laura (December 2015)
  • 'Izzy had such a good time. Thank you again to Natalie and Charlotte for a lovely party and taking time out of their weekend to run it. We really do appreciate it.' - Emily (January 2016)


  • "I had an amazing time and the experience will stay in my heart forever." From Anna xox
  • "Proud to belong to Alexanders and dancing with them was the best experience ever." Love Pippa x
  • "Fab holiday! Loved it! Wish I could do it again!" Jess
  • "It was fantastic! And that thank you is for all the organisation and time you put into it." Emily
  • "An amazing experience, loved every minute of it and want to do it again!" Grace
  • "Fantastic experience , I loved it!!!!" Abby Rooke
  • “The only Dance School all Summer that performed not only a themed showcase but one so in keeping with the setting”
  • "A wonderful tribute to such a young cast age 7-13yrs performing with 3 of their teachers."
  • “Proud to belong to Alexanders and dancing with them was the best experience ever”. - Pippa Ritchie

SADLERS’ WELLS – April 2012:

  • "Sadlers' Well's was the best ever."
  • "The Can Can was absolutely amazing."
  • "Music, to be so different to the other schools."
  • "Alexander's was the best school there."
  • “Where does she get her ideas from? Bohemian Rhapsody was very emotional. ”

WONDROUS WORLD OF SWEETS - School Production – July 2011 :

  • “Wow, bright vibrant costumes, absolutely stunning Tutus!!!”
  • “Most beautiful Ballet, fluorescent green tutus, amazing”
  • “Really worried my daughter would not go on stage, but she loved it and is so excited for the next show”
  • “All the performers looked so happy and you could see they were having so much fun”
  • “Loved the characters”
  • “Working backstage to see the camaraderie, was priceless I am definitely helping again”
  • “I am going to take the week off work so I can be involved next time”
  • “You could turn this into a West End Musical!”
  • “The lighting was phenomenal”
  • “How will she ever beat this show!!!”

THE TALES OF THE STREETS – School Production - May 2009 :

  • "Better than the West End"
  • "So professional for a local school"
  • "The standard of dance throughout so high"
  • "They all look as though they are enjoying themselves"
  • "How does she get that many children on the stage"
  • "Even the little ones dance!!"
  • "The singing was unbelievable"
  • "The choreography, amazing"
  • "The time just went"
  • "As soon as one group leave another one is on, where do they all come from?"
  • "The costumes so professional... Scenery too"
  • "So proud my children are part of this"
  • "My children have gained so much from the whole experience"
  • "You forget how young they are, its so professional"