Performing Opportunities

Through audition, in some cases, and recommendation in others the school has performed at some wonderful venues over the years.

The school offers these extra performing opportunities to those children who love to perform. It gives these children wonderful experiences and memories they will take with them forever. These performing events are for those who study all the theatre subjects and dance is a big part of their life. All these events require additional training in preparation for the big performance.

Sadlers Wells Theatre, London   9th May 2020
Our students will be performing two 5 minute routines at the famous Sadlers Wells Theatre in London. This is a great opportunity to perform alongside other dance schools and have an experience they will not forget. We look forward to rehearsals starting in March!

Disneyland, Paris   31st July – 2nd August 2020
After successfully passing the audition stage we will be taking a troupe of 40 to Disneyland Paris to perform a 20 minute showcase on one of their many stages in the park. The students are very excited to start their one week workshop in preparation for the showcase.

Keep your eyes peeled as Alexanders will continue to offer these types of events to give the opportunity to younger students as they progress through the school.

British Formula One Grand Prix – July 2018
Alexanders students had the opportunity to perform on the starting grid of the British Formula One Grand Prix before the start of the race. They performed with other dance schools in England and were featured on Sky Sports during the opening of the program.
The younger of the troupe performed to songs from the band Madness and the older students performed to song from The Greatest Showman.
It was a fantastic opportunity to work with other students and perform at such a infamous sporting event.

Sadlers Wells – May 2016
We took a troupe of 40 Alexanders students age 9-21 years to perform at Sadlers Wells Theatre in London on Saturday 21st May 2016 with Mardi Gras Productions.
We performed 2 contrasting routines; a Tap and Freestyle to a Medley of ‘The Blues Brothers’ and ‘Music’ combining Ballet and Modern Jazz genres.
We performed alongside other schools and joined together for the finale.
It was a great opportunity to dance in the West End for all of the students involved.

Disneyland Paris – July 2012
31 performers and their families and friends all travelled to France for a 20 minute showcase in the Videoopolis Theatre Disneyland. As no stage rehearsal was permitted, our own pre-show rehearsal instigated by the students took place in Marne-La-Vallee-Chessy-Disneyland train station! In 38 degrees the girls performed The Flintstones in true style to a packed auditorium. The troupe were complimented by the Disney staff who were so impressed with their professionalism, enthusiasm and energy on stage keeping the audience engaged.

Sadlers Wells – April 2012
After being offered a cancellation slot a troupe of 36 girls age 11yrs+ performed “The Can Can” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the prestigious Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London. The troupe worked hard and tirelessly after a 6 week busy rehearsal schedule to perfect their routines and this was put to the test. There was a technical fault with their Can Can music, jumping not only forwards but backwards on three separate occasions. Their professionalism showed through as the audience were aware but the troupe did not falter and carried on in true form. The theatre staff was so impressed the girls got to perform the routine once again, second time with no musical faults. Bohemian Rhapsody was in a league of its own, telling the story of a court case, leaving the theatre audience silent for one moment before erupting into a tremendous applause.
A night nobody will ever forget.

PortAventura Spain - June 2010
In June 34 pupils with 66 of their families and friends performed at PortAventura in Spain. We flew out together, staying in the resort Hotel and the students performed a 20 minute mini showcase in the Theatre situated within the popular Theme Park. We were joined by 2 other schools performing, which each had their own time slot. As well as performing abroad the troupe had the further fun and excitement of the Water and Theme Parks at PortAventura. Everyone was very excited and a little apprehensive as the students performed live, a fantastic experience and a holiday of lifetime encasing their love of dance.

The Royal Albert Hall - May 2010
80 Members from Alexander's Theatre School performed at The Royal Albert Hall in May 2010. The School likes a challenge and this time we took it one step further, performing in the round was a huge challenge for us all. The atmosphere and experience was one the students all embraced and remember forever. Bringing together students aged 7 yrs - 19 yrs created the perfect opportunity for them to work collectively as a team towards the same goal, which reinforced the school's ethos.

Cliffs Pavilion, Southend, Essex
Supporting the touring company "Spirit of the Dance".

Brentwood Centre, Essex
Supporting the touring company "Spirit of the Dance".

Her Majesty's Theatre, London - October 1998
Performed Bohemian Rhapsody, Bugsy Malone and Blues Brothers.

Her Majesty's Theatre, London - November 1998
Performed Lion King and 42nd Street.

Disneyland Paris - August 2001
Performed 20 minute showcase of Bugsy Malone.

Dorchester Hotel, London - November 2001
Performed for the Royal Variety Club - Fame.

Sadlers Wells, London - April 2006
Performed The Can Can and Music.

The Royal Albert Hall, London - May 2010
80 Members from Alexander's Theatre School Performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London.