This classical style of Ballet has something to offer for everyone.

Ballet is a core subject for all dancers; it has a technique which is the foundation of all other dance styles. Ballet training from an early age provides students with strength, posture and flexibility. Those students wishing to progress through the grades/medals with a passion for the subject will be encouraged to progress to the ultimate goal to get onto pointe when they are strong enough.

Children start learning Ballet from the age of 2 years.

Pre-Juvenile Group Award
8 Solo Tests Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
8 Duo Tests Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
8 Trio Tests Juvenile to Third Gold Bar
18 Team Tests One Dance to International
Supreme Certificate

Graded Examinations:
8 Grades Preparatory to Grade 5
2 Classical Awards
Intermediate Performer - Pointe
Advanced 1 Performer - Pointe
Advanced 2 Performer - Pointe