About Us


Alexander's was established in March 1992 and for the first 9 years was based in Stondon Massey Village Hall near Brentwood. In 2002 the school moved to the LA Fitness Dance Studios, where pupils were able to learn to dance in mirrored studios for the first time. The school has now outgrown even these facilities and we now have our own dedicated premises based at Stubbers Farm, Mountnessing Road, Blackmore.



Every child is welcome at Alexander's. Every child will learn and achieve;
We believe that if you learn in a fun, happy and enjoyable environment you can never fail.
All children are given fair opportunities and there is something for everyone.
All children are made to feel special and welcome.

Alexander's pupils are tutored in an environment where they understand the need for discipline, the benefit of team work and develop self-belief & self-confidence.
We set our sights high and aim to achieve all our goals.

D ..... Development

A ..... Aim high

N ..... Nurture

C ..... Confidence building

E ..... Equal opportunities



The school has 5 fully qualified teachers and 1 student teacher. All the teachers are graduates of the school. In the dancing world it is widely recognised that your best teachers will always be those who have developed and trained through the school from a young age. They then carry the school's ethos into their own teaching. Our teachers have studied all the theatre subjects from Preparatory through to Intermediate, and have passed all the examinations, enabling them to teach all the subjects offered by the school.

Our student teachers who assist in all classes, in all areas, are currently training towards their professional teachers qualifications. We are proud of all of our teachers; they are an asset to the school.

Miss Nicky Alexander - Principal (LIDTA, UKAPTD)

I started dancing like lots of other 3 year olds and attended lessons in Ballet and Tap. I loved my dancing and so started more lessons Modern Jazz, National, Gymnastic dance, Song and Dance took part in many productions and competed in all local festivals. Through all my years of dancing I found out early my passion was in the technique and choreography and, from a young age, started to help teaching. Although I was trained with UTD, when I set up the school of dance I decided to get my professional qualifications with the IDTA. My passion for technique and high standards had led me to gain teachers qualifications in all the styles I teach. Knowing I have gained my knowledge through achievement ensures I am a much better teacher - and my students gain by that knowledge. I am very fortunate that all my teachers share this commitment and, to this end, they continue to train as well as teach in order to gain further qualifications to better themselves.

Sophie Coppen - Qualified Teacher (AIDTA)

Nicola Devitt - Qualified Teacher (AIDTA)

Andrea Hoy - Qualified Teacher (AIDTA)

Charlotte Elliott - Qualified Teacher (AIDTA)

Natalie Smith - Qualified Teacher (AIDTA)

Josie Joshua - Student Teacher


"I pride myself in the fact my students stay and it is particularly sad when students reach the age of 18 and do leave to go on to further their studies at University or decide to travel. Their comments make you realise as a teacher how dedicated and loyal your students have been, what fun they had and the friendships they have made over the years."
Nicky Alexander, Principle.